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PiQo4 Laser by Lumenis The Most Powerful Pigment and Tattoo Removal Solution on the Market.

Trifecta Med Spa’s downtown location is the first clinic in New York to have the newest Pico Laser by Lumenis.

PiQo4 laser’s ability to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including tattoo removal, provides clients of Trifecta Med Spa an attractive range of aesthetic solutions to improve your lifestyle and sense of well-being.

PiQo4 laser treats a wide range of pigment colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows us to deliver faster and more comfortable treatments for you.

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Benefits of New PiQo4 Laser

  • Deep Reach – for Deep Pigment Shattering
  • Faster treatments and shorter sessions.
  • Highest Energy. The PiQo4 energy allows the removal of tattoos with 40% less treatments compared to other laser systems
  • The larger spot sizes allow you to maintain penetration depth into the dermis and better disperse the embedded ink particles.
  • All Skin Types. All Tattoo Colors. The PiQo4 enables you to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors, on a wide range of skin types. Since each ink pigment color absorbs a very specific wavelength, the PiQo4 is equipped with four wavelengths: 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm. These wavelengths target 9 of the most frequently used colors ranging from light orange to dark black.
  • Dual Pico and Nano Energies. Optimal combination of energy with variable pulse duration.  The combination of Pico and Nano energies yields better results than using either one of the technologies alone.
  • Cross Treatment. Work on previously treated tattoos for final, successful removal.

Why Tattoo Removal?

From faded colors, to designs you liked at the time but no longer want as part of your everyday, people can grow out of their tattoos. With the New PiQo4 Laser you are no longer stuck with a “permanent” decision. So whether it’s a misspelled word, associated with bad memories, or just not your favorite tattoo anymore, we can help you restore your skin to its original glory.

With various blogs or DIY recipes touting the ease of at-home tattoo removal, you may wonder why professional treatment is required. While sugar scrubs or juice concoctions may seem promising from reviews, it takes strong, professional lasers to break up deeply rooted ink particles in your skin. While laser treatments may sound harsh,  they are designed to be incredibly safe and quick for ideal removal.

How long does removal take?

Removal timelines will depend on the size of the area, color of ink, complexity of design, location of body, how delicate the skin is, and personal medical history. Typically, each session will stay around 30 minutes, but longer sessions may last closer to 1 hour. The number of sessions needed will vary from patient to patient. Schedule a free consultation with our professional, friendly staff to learn what your timeline might look like, or to have any questions or concerns answered.

Exclusively at Trifecta Med Spa: PAIN-FREE Tattoo Removal with Nitrous Oxide Pro-Nox System!

Trifecta Med Spa has taken a hugely positive step to reducing possible discomfort and anxiety for clients undergoing minor procedures, like Laser Tattoo Removal. This is done with the introduction of Nitrous Oxide or ‘laughing gas’ sedation. This choice will be offered to patients with immediate effect.

‘Laughing gas’ received its mainstream name many years ago, as it often gives clients the giggles, or happy feelings after administration. Further, this form of sedation is danger-free, odor-free, and irritation-free.

Trifecta Med Spa is excited to introduce the Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen Analgesia System – Nitronox Demand Flow by Praxair.This will be offered as a choice choice to Tattoo removal patients who require sedation, either due to anxiety or due to the risk of discomfort.

Trifecta Med Spa is currently offering completely free evaluation and consultation services in downtown Manhattan NYC for any of the conditions which can be successfully treated with new PiQo4 laser technology. Call us today at (212) 600-4112 to start working with our friendly, professional staff!