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Another Giant Leap Into Beauty Introduced by Trifecta Med Spa- New Tattoo Laser Removal Innovation

Trifecta Med Spa and Lumenis partnership delivers yet another new laser technology, PiQo4, currently available only at Trifecta Med Spa within Greater New York.

NEW YORK, September 15, 2017 ( –
Trifecta Med Spa
– an innovator in beauty and medical spa industry, has another great news to share with its clients.

Being a long-standing Lumenis partner and its training facility for all FDA-approved aesthetic laser procedures, Trifecta Med Spa is proudly sharing its latest addition – PiQo4 laser technology.

Always being a firm believer in sourcing cutting-edge technologies, which can greatly benefit its clients, Trifecta is proud to deliver the latest news in beautification and healthy lifestyle.

Trifecta Med Spa offers the most powerful pigment and tattoo removal solution on the market.

In a continuous strive to provide best and most innovative treatments variety, Trifecta Med Spa is excited to present newest and most advanced addition to its services – PiQo4 – the most powerful pigment and tattoo removal solution laser.

 Collaborating with most respected and number one in medical laser technology company Lumenis, Trifecta Med Spa got the advantage of procuring very first in New York PiQo4 laser.

The PiQo4 laser brings unique technology with a combination of unsurpassed advantages which provides versatile tattoo, pigmentation and scar removal, that yields truly remarkable results, as it treats a wide range of pigment colors, deposits of facial discoloration, sun residue pigmentations. 

While traditional tattoo removal laser methods commonly employed in the industry require multiple visits to the facility, longer treatment time and has been somewhat painful, the revolutionary PiQo4 technology adapted and just introduced by Trifecta provides virtually painless procedure, twice less time/sessions required, and yields amazing results even while handling resistant inks, multicolor tattoos, very dark and deep spots.

It is all made possible by PiQo4 unique laser, which penetrates the skin at a speed, which surpasses human reaction to any pain or discomfort.

Trifecta Med Spa offers with PiQo4 laser technology a wide variety of skin conditions treatments as well, such as removal of pigmented lesions, lentiginous, cafe-au-lait birthmarks, and vascular lesions as well as innovative facial skin resurfacing, removal of any skin discoloration, rosacea treatment, improved skin texture.

Trifecta Med Spa is currently offering completely free evaluation and consultation for any of the conditions, which can be successfully treated with new PiQo4 laser technology to its new and existing clients, so potential candidates can receive in-depth knowledge of the procedure, what outcome to expect and the best course of treatment.

Welcome again to Trifecta Med Spa, where the clients are always a cornerstone of the philosophy behind every treatment and make yourself feel and look gorgeous again.

Source: Trifecta Med Spa
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