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Beauty Report: The Top Trends In Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

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Summer is just around the corner and it’s the time of year when physical appearance is top of mind, making it a perfect time to talk trends in cosmetic procedures. Non-surgical procedures are on the rise as advancements in technology allow for maximum results without the least amount of invasiveness. We went to the founder of Trifecta Med Spa, one of New York’s top facilities for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Dr. Edward Fruitman who shared his insights on what he thinks are the top non-surgical trends for turning back the clock.

CoolSculpting: The Fat Reducer

This non-invasive procedure targets unwanted fat from any part of the body, from the belly to love handles and even double chins. This concept of cold temperature freezing and eliminating pockets of fat cells was discovered by two scientists at Harvard who realized when some children ate popsicles, they would get dimples in their cheeks. They were able to attribute this to the fat cells in their cheeks freezing and dying, a finding that formed the basis for CoolSculpting treatment. "CoolSculpting will continue to be the most successful non-surgical fat removal treatment for many reasons, mainly because it works,” says Dr. Fruitman. “On average patients lose 25-30% of fat in the treatment area. Also, it's quick—it’s only a 35 min lunchtime procedure—painless and has no downtime.”

Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D.

Dr. Edward Fruitman, Founder, Trifecta Med Spa

Go Bespoke: Custom Combinations Of Treatments 

There are no one-size-fits-all these days when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Doctors are mixing and matching treatments for an individualized plan so that patients get the most effective results. "When patients come to us with a problem he or she would like to solve, our recommendations are based on all methods available. There are hundreds of different combinations of patient-specific treatment options available,” says Fruitman. “For example, if a patient asks for skin tightening, we'll combine Coolsculpting along with Lumenis Legend and microneedling for highly-personalized results."


The Lady Bits: Vaginal Rejuvenation Is A Growing Trend

What was once something that was a whisper in small circles, treatments to the vagina and vulva are now growing in popularity. Rather than an intense surgery, lasers are helping turn back the clock on this delicate area. “FemTouch Vaginal rejuvenation treatments based on Lumenis CO2 laser will definitely become mainstream,” asserts Fruitman. “The results are incredible and the procedure is quick and painless.” He believes vaginal rejuvenation is part of a growing trend where people are looking to improve not just their faces, but their entire bodies. “More and more women want to feel confident in all areas, including this one. We see everyone from younger women who have had children opting for this to patients with conditions like incontinence who benefit greatly from this treatment.”

Placenta: The Latest In Facial Anti-Aging

Already popular in Japan, Korea and with the Kardashians (they famously ate placenta on their reality show all in the name of beauty), the richness of minerals and nutrients in placenta are being hailed as a saving grace for the face. Fruitman uses a product called Curacen Essence, a topical placenta-based cosmetic product from Japan to help patients in facial anti-aging, treating everything from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, to loss of elasticity and skin tone.

The Next Frontier: Cellulite

"In my opinion, the next huge trend will be non-surgical cellulite treatment," says Fruitman. Cellulite is one of those things that plague most people, yet there aren't any no non-surgical solutions to getting rid of this problem. "Currently there are no FDA approved non-surgical cellulite treatments available yet 85-95% of women have cellulite," he says. "ENDO Pharmaceutical is the only company who developed such a treatment and is which is in phase three study. We expect this product to become available by the end of 2019 and are very excited as it will deliver great opportunity in an area where there is currently no treatment."

Rebecca Suhrawardi is a Fashion and Features journalist residing in New York City. Her work appears in the international editions of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, where she is a Contributing Editor.

Original Source: Beauty Report: The Top Trends In Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures  Forbes-May 13, 2018

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