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Wave Goodbye to Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting and CoolTone goes hand in hand

CoolTone treatment for abdomen at Trifecta Med Spa Downtown is now available

Countless parties, food and drink can take its toll on even the fittest of bodies, and it’s usually on the morning of January 1st, when we all look in the mirror and think “oh …”.

Rather than gazing at your reflection in the mirror and feeling negative, why not simply make a promise to yourself to turn the situation around in the quickest time possible?

Eat healthily, exercise, join the gym if you must, but after that, why not give us a call and let us zap that stubborn fat right away?

Have you heard of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is one of our most popular treatments at Trifecta Med Spa Mnahattan offices, and it’s one which could help you to wave goodbye to any stubborn fat areas which simply don’t want to respond to exercise and diet. While CoolSculpting is not a good option for anyone who has a large amount of weight to lose, if you have a few lumps nd bumps here and there that are far too stubborn for your own liking, we might have the answer for you.

The great thing about CoolSculpting is that it doesn’t require any anesthetic, no downtime, no pain, and certainly no scalpels! Completely non-invasive, CoolSculping simply means you sit back, relax, chill out, and wait for the magic to happen. We do the hard work for you, well, the equipment does anyway!

Stubborn fat cells are frozen, deep below the surface of the skin. When this happens, your body’s natural healing processes kick into action, dispersing the fat cells via a natural wastage system; that basically means they’re eradicated from the body via sweat or urination! Yes, it sounds rather nasty but you won’t notice anything, other than the rather svelte figure looking back at you in the mirror.

The number of sessions you need totally depends on how much you need to lose, where those stubborn fat areas are located, and your own treatment plan. We’ll discuss together to come up with a bespoke plan that works for you, and from there we’ll aim to give you the very best results possible.

So, while CoolSculpting certainly isn’t a replacement for healthy eating and exercise, it could certainly be the answer for anyone who isn’t finding the results coming their way, either at all or fast enough. That means you no longer have to spend January in a state of self-loathing, and instead you can rock the outfits you’ve found in the January sales, without having to wait a few months for them to fit correctly!

Have you heard of CoolTone?

The newest treatment we have at Trifecta Med Spa is a CoolTone. Even though the word "cool" is in the name, the CoolTone device doesn't involve freezing of any kind (unlike CoolSculpting, which does freeze fat cells).

CoolTone, on the other hand, is intended to help strengthen & tone muscles.

Whether targeting stomach, buttocks or thighs, CoolTone strengthens, tones & shapes the muscles in the treated area, resulting in a more well-defined and toned appearance.

These contractions are much more powerful than the voluntary contractions that occur while performing an exercises such as a sit ups and crunches. Read more about CoolTone at Trifecta Med Spa.

It’s good news all-around and the even better news is that all you need to do to access this opportunity is to give us a call and make an appointment for a first consultation!


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